The way a heart speaks

We don´t learn, grow, heal or improve by staying in our comfortable bubble with all of our people who think, speak or even live exactly how we do¨. I continue this idea by saying that our closest and even more loving people might tell us what we want to hear or even what they think is in their best loving intentions of any problem per say; but that ain´t mean is what we need for us to grow, improve, heal or even love. We tend to confuse love by being always in a space of calm, healing, I’m not saying is not but those are aspects, just aspects; but isn’t love supposed to overcome bad? Isn’t love supposed to see our darkest side and say come hear me: let´s make this brighter, isn’t love capable of everything?… I guess all I’m trying to say is true love never gives up, love is frightening. scary. love has the biggest taint of darkness; that even spears the soul, love doesn’t always look familiar, love might not always survive the same way, it might be something that shows up in the dark cause it can´t bear the light.

Strange to quote Pablo Neruda ¨I love you like certain dark things are meant to be loved, between the shadow and the soul¨. That man knew what he was talking about, because here´s the thing it doesn’t matter how love comes, what I know is when it’s gone it hurts. Which this is why hearts are so fragile little tiny things that break, but wait, is that all there is ?: That big drama that takes you and then you break with no warning?

What I believe is that a broken heart is not a loss of love: a broken heart is a full blunt announcement of love, is that deep down desire to connect; a heart break is a powerful expression of misalignment which is almost impossible to see that you gain something out of this, for that you need healing too see that magic; that living thing called love. To heal is to include that pain, that person to yourself as if you were one, to love someone is to include them; we become one; you can´t do it any other way ´cause you know otherwise heart break would feel like betrayal; that hate that pushes away, the hate isn’t really what is there the real meaning that’s speaking through hate is hurt, to be hurt you separate; now wholeness comes with love.

When you become one with the pain you´ll see yourself, you become one with yourself, you see your true self and old patterns that kept repeating even old , really old wounds and by observing them you now can heal.


Heartbreak is just the other side of love; but still love in the end.




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